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Quote from a satisfied customer:
You are the Princess of Costume makers.  The costume is perfect in every way and I
can't thank you enough.  I will highly recommend you to others.            -A.B.
Custom Costumes, Contract Sewing and Halloween
Welcome to Going Ape Costume!

Are you tired of the kind of costumes sold in stores that are packaged in a
zip lock bag?  Costumes which look deceptively shiny until the clock
strikes midnight and then they turn into torn, pilled or drooping
pumpkins?  The kind of costumes that won't survive a trip through a
washer and a dryer?  We are too.  This is why we sew costumes that last
for Halloween and other occasions.  Wardrobe malfunctions and cold
trick-or-treaters are no longer an issue when the costumes are well made.

Custom made costumes are only an idea and a
click away.  Need a
costume sewn for you or your loved ones?  Let's talk!

Or shop in our
store, where our expert seamstress has displayed her
wares, sewn just because she got a wild hair.  

Other questions?  Please reference our
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