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Custom Costumes, Contract Sewing and Halloween
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About Going Ape Costume
Going Ape Costume is the result of a hobby that got too big for it's britches.

I'm Becky Lee Evans, owner of Going Ape Costume.  I have a long history with
sewing and a love of costume and Halloween.  From going trick or treating as
Boy George in fourth grade, to sewing in 4H, to making genie costumes for my
entire color guard team in high school, to managing a costume rental and
costuming in college, the love of fancy dress has always been in my blood.

I'm skilled in clothing construction, costuming techniques and costume history,
pattern drafting, design and sketching, and in the use of a variety of power

From a recipe for zombie makeup using corn syrup and crushed chocolate
cookies to delicate sewing for newborn babies, I'm creative and ready to tackle
the world in my sewing room.

Need to know more?  Consult the
FAQs.  Or, feel free to Contact Me!  Or follow
me on
Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest and Twitter!

Becky Lee Evans - Going Ape Costume