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Going Ape Costume will always consider your commission request!  Direct emails to becky@goingapecostume.com
or use this handy form.  Please include your general size, any materials requests, some idea of a budget and a link
to a photo reference.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1.  Do you work with a contract?

    Absolutely!  A contract sets the terms, dates, and payment arrangements.  First we start with a conversation to establish a meeting of the
    minds.  Based on that I write out the contract and send it to you either in PDF form by email or by snail mail.  Included will be due dates,
    drawings, measurement sheets and other information needed by GAC to construct a quality costume that fits.  It is when the contract is
    signed and returned that a nonrefundable deposit is due, usually half the total estimate, which allows Going Ape Costume to procure
    materials and reserves our time.  The remaining costs are due upon costume completion.

    An example of a contract can be found HERE.

2.  What does a custom costume cost?

    That depends on many factors.  Materials vary widely in cost and quality.   Some materials require special handling and treatment as they
    are utilized.   Some designs have many more construction details than others.  After discussing each other's expectations for a custom
    costume, an estimate can be reached.  

3.  How long does a custom costume take?

    Like question #2, that depends on the same variety of factors.  A simple costume may only take an afternoon while a complex costume,
    like a heavily beaded Queen Elizabeth, may take several months.  Expect delays for busy seasons.

4.  Are there any costumes you can't make?

    Sure.  Going Ape Costume does not have unnatural costume superpowers.  I have strengths and weaknesses, and some laws that I must
    abide by.

    GAC does not construct professional mascots.  It's recommended that you take your mascot order to companies that have invested in the
    proper equipment and will construct a fabulous product.

    GAC will not reproduce copyrighted materials without consideration or permission.  Intellectual property should be protected.  Many
    costumers get around this by sewing characters that are close, but not quite there, which is decidedly not as nifty as if it were copied
    exactly.  When in doubt about copyright, I don't.

    GAC cannot do latex work because of a sensitivity to latex.

    GAC cannot do some adult or fetish work because of business licensing laws in my location.

    GAC does not construct shoes.  I can modify existing shoes but I don't make 'em from scratch.

    GAC cannot recreate film and movie costumes which are only possible because of CGI.  Yes, Katniss Everdeen is the girl on fire, but trying
    to recreate realistic flames just like you see in the movie will probably not end well.

5.   Have you got a warranty or return policy?

    On Going Ape Costume's custom costumes?  Absolutely.  Depending on the fabrics,  construction and intended use our warranty is stated
    in the custom sewing contract.  Generally, a custom costume is guaranteed for fit and normal wear for one year with adherence to care

    GAC's return policies can be found HERE.

6.  Are any of the costumes in your gallery for sale or for rent?

    Sorry, no.  
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