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Custom Costumes, Contract Sewing and Halloween
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Custom Sewing Information

Going Ape Costume would love to hear all your ideas.  We'd like to
see your examples, your photos, your sketches.  We'd like to hear
to talk about the vision in your head and with some guidance,
come to a meeting of the minds.

When contacting us some details that are also useful are:

*Budget - Is what you want to spend in alignment with your ideas?  
Let's find out!

*Basic measurements - Chest, waist, hip and height.  This makes it
easier to estimate materials.

*Timeline - When do you need the costume?  It takes time to order
materials and create custom work.

*Event - why do you need a custom costume?  The event may
effect design and therefore cost and time.

Going Ape Costume provides a custom sewing contract and
detailed sketches.  Securing construction time and materials in
most cases takes a half down nonrefundable deposit.   For more
information, please refer to my

Let's get in touch.

Becky Lee Evans
Seamstress, Going Ape Costume