When the new Doom game was unveiled in 2016, my oldest son was
excited to show me all the new characters.  I hadn't played Doom
since the 90's so the redesign was interesting to me, especially how
the monsters were sure to be scarier.

The new Revenant was just awesome.  Even though you can knock
one off with two shotgun blasts, the whole design presented a unique
and compelling challenge as a builder.  I wanted a project to construct
entirely in EVA foam as a way to bring those skills to a higher level.  It
was also a delight to me that I was a mom in her 40s wearing such a

I started by patterning the chest piece because that is where the size
and scale would expand from.  I'm not skeleton thin so making sure
the chest, back and canons were sized properly would lend to the
illusion.  After the chest was patterned, I could print off PDF images of
the canons to intended size and start in building those.

The canons are based on a long tube of EVA foam, building in
segments and layers on top of this.  The end caps can be removed to
allow LEDs and foggers to be installed in the future.  Many parts in the
canons are modeled from toilet and plumbing hardware.

The canons are anchored to the body by a framework of PVC pipe
curved over the shoulders.  A length of pipe extends upwards from
each shoulder which serves as a point where all the armor rests.  
There is a length of PVC inside the canon that friction fits to the
shoulder frame and is hidden with small decorative PVC covers and
corrugated conduit tubing.

The skull is constructed in two parts from Worbla, Apoxie Sculpt and
fleece.  The jaw is permanently attached to a fabric skullcap.
Copyright 2019 and 2020 Going Ape Costume and Becky Lee Evans.  All rights reserved.  
The front of the skull can be removed, adhering to the crown with
industrial velcro.  Eyes are lenses from a pair of dollar store
sunglasses.  The skull is painted, sealed and then gloss Modge Podge
glue was patted on with a stipple spongee leaving a bubbly gooey

The guts were sculpted from EVA foam with a Dremel, painted, then
likewise stipple sponged with Modge Podge.

The body suit is sewn in two parts, pants and a long T-shirt.  Layers of
black fleece were sewn into place then partially melted with a heat
gun leaving a bone like texture.  This was painted and then covered in
a layer of inexpensive hardware store silicone for a gooey texture.

The final parts that make this costume are the feet and hands.  Canvas
shoes were covered in a lycra sock and glued in place with a wrinkly
texture.  Toenails are Worbla.  The gloves are also lycra with the heat
melted fleece added, with Worbla fingernails.  They are delightfully

When I wear my Revenant, people are surprised to hear a female voice
coming out of it.  This makes me happy in every way.  The costume
also fits my tall and thin middle son who does the character justice.  I
need to buy a trumpet.

The Revenant was built for Twitchcon 2017 and as of yet has not been
entered into competition.  It is the build that brought me a following on
Supplies used in the making of Revenant