This genderbent Edward Scissorhands was my first cosplay contest
entry in 2015, relying on my long experience as a seamstress.  Having
attended my first convention six months previous I decided I needed
to compete in short order.  In looking for the right project I was
inspired by a black leather bolero  jacket in a fashion mag.  It provided
a new challenge in construction that would translate well to cosplay
and this character.

Edna Scissorhands was based on a Carol Brady style leisure suit
pattern printed in 1974.  It had excellent lines and great tailoring
points.  This pattern was frankensteined into three garments - a bolero
style jacket, a soft body waist corset and a mini skirt.  Each garment
was constructed out of soft vinyl printed faux suede and trimmed with
strips of black fabrics.  A great deal on a bulk lot of buckles was found
on Ebay, nailheads were applied, and a new cast iron grommet setter
got a workout.

Leggings were sewn from a black knit.  Pockets are included on the
mini skirt.

Edna's scissor hands were designed to be easily removed from the
vintage black gloves used for the base.  The scissor blades are
constructed from wood paint stirrers, painted and attached to wide
rings that fit over each finger.

Edna Scissorhands was entered into the Intermediate category at Salt
Lake City FanX 2015 and received a fan favorite honor.  This contest
was noted as a great time by those that attended and served to push
me toward bigger and more complex cosplay afterwards.
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