As is my habit, when looking for a new cosplay, I choose based in the
challenge of the build rather than whether or not I enjoy the fandom.  
Magus of Tzeentch was chosen for the challenge despite not knowing
a thing about Warhammer.  I wanted an unusual female character that
encompassed many skills.

Tzeentch made the best use of my sewing skills, built on my armor
skills, and challenged me with new electronics skills.  The concept art
didn't include wings but I figured that if the character was an evil
wizard that could transform herself into a bird, why leave off the
wings?  Upon further research, I found that the wings were within
canon and I was good to go.

I started with articulated wing research, weighing manual
mechanisms, pneumatic mechanisms and electric motor
mechanisms.  I decided on using a four inch electric linear actuator to
power the wings and learned how to wire the thing to a three way
rocker switch and a battery pack.  Inexpensive wooden yardsticks
became the struts and it was a bonus that the measurements were
already marked.  Feathers are made from 2mm craft foam, reinforced
with dowels, and covered in a fabric ruffle on top.

The front armor plate, mantle and pauldrons are constructed from
Worbla and simply hang around the neck with a strap.   The blue
"gem" on the front is half of a plastic yo-yo!

The helmet is based on a Worbla pie skull cap with a welder's visor
placed at the front.  The bird's head and beak is constructed around
this.  Small holes were drilled in the visor and into the chin to facilitate
breathing.  The eyes were molded from milk jug plastic softened with
heat, painted, and then LEDs were inserted with a switch located
inside the helmet under the beak.
Copyright 2019 and 2020 Going Ape Costume and Becky Lee Evans.  All rights reserved.  
The gown consists of five pieces, the skirt, the skirt front panel, a jacket, a collar and a back panel to hide wing mechanics.  The A-line skirt is
constructed from deep blue velvet and trimmed with layers of appliqued fabrics and decorative topstiching.  The front panel features a spiky
scalloped edge, applique, heat transfer foil, and decorative topstitching.  The jacket is a grey suiting, featuring more applique and topstitching.

The wing frame is bolted directly to the Worbla back plate and the jacket is cut in such a way to allow the strapping for the wing harness to be
threaded through and hidden.  

The staff was based on a length of PVC pipe and a recycled container for cream cheese.  The battery and switch for the LED's that light the
center are hidden inside.  The wings and snake are made from Worbla, EVA foam and lengths of foam backer rod.

Tzeentch was a great fun and for the amount of work and parts that went into it, one of the more problem free builds I have ever embarked
upon.  I specifically built this to compete in Salt Lake Comic Convention 2016 Cosplay Celebration where it placed first in the master's category.
Supplies used in the making of Tzeentch
Linear Actuator Motor   •   Welding Shield   •   Yard sticks   •   Portable Battery   •   3-way Rocker Switch   •   2mm craft foam   •   Dowels
Nylon Webbing   •   Buckles   •   Industrial hook and loop tape   •   Apoxie Sculpt   •   Heat Gun   •   Paper Backed Fusible Web
Iron On Foil   •   Yoyo