This Marie Antoinette and Cheshire Cat mashup was an image that
came to me in a dream.  It was so different from other costumes I had
done that it felt fresh and interesting, so I drew the design and began.

The skirt is based on a pannier pattern from
Corsets and Crinolines by
Nora Waugh.  Instead of modern boning, I used far less expensive
polyethylene tubing which is readily available at any hardware store.  
It's machine washable and sturdy!  Under the pannier is a bumroll
constructed out of a pool noodle, because no one likes a droopy
hoop.  On top is a pink flannel pannier cover so the overskirt lays
smoothly on top of the hoop.

The ruffled front panel buttons to the pannier and ties about the
waist.  The stomacher snaps to the soft body corset.  Over both a
gown ties into place leaving these pieces exposed.  All are liberally
trimmed with black and white ribbon trim and white eyelet lace.  The
best part of the panniers and skirt....access to a pocket over each hip
through a zippered placket.

A pink and purple striped faux fur tail is attached to the back with a
large ribbon bow.  Each strip was cut and pieced by machine.  The tail
is stuffed with lightweight packing peanuts.

The mask is constructed from Worbla and painted a glittery pink.  The
hat is a small covered straw cap, sewn into a tricorn shape, and
trimmed in the same way as the dress, with feathers added.  Purple
bloomers with more trim are worn underneath, along with striped
tights.  Old shoes were covered in foam, fabric and trim to complete
the look.

Marie Cheshirecat was entered into the Original Character and
Mashup category at Salt Lake City FanX Spring 2016 Cosplay Contest
and received first place.
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