My Orc was what started as a practice build in 2017, my first steps
into the wide wide world of EVA foam.  I wanted simple shapes to start
with.  Not just learn for myself the properties of foam but also how to
use my new scroll saw to cut it.  This costume took approximately two

The pants were made from second hand green velvet drapes.  The
shirt from green broadcloth with a khaki broadcloth vest.  These are
trimmed with laced faux leather cording.  The gloves are flat
patterned, made from stretch velvet.

The wolf's head is a foam "skull" covered in a gorgeous clearance
priced faux fur.  This fur is trimmed with an electric shaver until the
desired appearance was achieved and then painted in parts to create
a more natural appearance.  The nose is molded from Worbla.

The cape sits on a foam mantle on the shoulders, with the lining
blanket stitched into place before any cutting.  This creates the
ragged look.

Armor is all foam, curved and glued in layers, Plastidipped, painted
with acrylics and clear coated with Minwax Polycrylic.  The axe
handle is PVC pipe, heated, curved, then flattened.  The same lacing
used in the fabric portions are laced about the edges, holes drilled will
a Dremel.  Armor includes gauntlets, a codpiece, thigh guards, and
shin guards.  Weapons are similarly constructed and include a bow,
quiver with non-functioning permanently attached arrows, a knife and
an axe.

Teeth were hand molded from friendly plastic.

My youngest son wore the Orc, better than I did, for Halloween.
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