Having competed in my first cosplay contest in the spring of 2015, and
being inspired by attending an armor construction panel at the same
con, I was in the search for an armor project for competition focused
on learning new armor skills.  Despite not ever having seen the movie
"Predator" I was immediately drawn to the design of a 12 inch female
Predator model, "
Sheela" painted by Joe Dunaway.

She-Predator was my first set of armor.  I wanted to try my hand at
constructing with Worbla and discovered that the material translated
well to the fabric construction skills I already had.  To practice I
started with the prop knife placed on my thigh, moved onto the
helmet, then thigh pieces, gauntlets, chest and back pieces,
pauldrons, pelvic guards and then finally the shin guards.

The helmet was based from a pair of visor style sunglasses, patterned
by "draping" paper pieces until shape was achieved.  The "laser" is
made from a dollar store flashlight covered in red film and a black
screen.  The headpiece is based on a plastic skull cap and dreads are
made from foam backer rod, to which the helmet sits on top.

Armor pieces are smoothed with layers of wood glue, primed with
Valspar black paint with primer, painted with several layers of copper,
silver and gold metallic acrylic craft paints, then sealed with satin
finish Minwax Polycrylic clear topcoat.

The undersuit is a white lycra shirt snapped to a pant, hand painted
with a Predator skin pattern.  The brown stretch velvet panty covers
the junction of the two pieces.

The staff is based from PVC pipe and wrapped in the same stretch

Gloves and feet finish the cosplay.  Feet are constructed out of
upholstery foam on top of canvas slip on shoes, covered with the
white lycra and hand painted.  Nails are made with Worbla scrap.

I competed in the cosplay contest at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 in the
masters category but did not place.  Since that time I have worn this
cosplay to several conventions and it remains a favorite of mine.
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