Copyright 2019 and 2020 Going Ape Costume and Becky Lee Evans.  All rights reserved.  
Client: (Hereafter referred to as “client”)  John Doe, Address, Phone Number

Our signatures at the bottom of this contract will signify the acceptance of the terms described herein regarding the design and construction of the following:

Description:  A red polyester butter suede paneled overcoat with a pair of black gloves to fit the character of Vash the Stampede from “Trigun”.  
Coat is one piece.  The front consists of three panels with the center panel secured by double breasted style rows of black plastic buttons. Coat includes an M shaped capelet.
Coat has a high wide double breasted turtleneck style collar.  Coat will be sewn so one sleeved can be secured in a rolled up position at the bicep.  Coat has strapping design
details at the beltline that cross at the back, at the side vents, shoulders and cuffs.  Each strap is secured by more black plastic buttons.  Only some buttons will be functional.  The
draped strapping will also include the details of black eyelets evenly spaced along it’s length, as is shown in some of the drawings revealed by research.
Black leather gloves will be procured and added to.  One glove will be opera length with strapping details added. The other glove will be shorter, for functionality, with strapping
details added.  The strapped will be tipped with metal details. Gloves will fasten with black hook and loop tape.

Payment:  Total price for three garments described above will be $237.00.  Breaking down as $225.00 as the price of the garment and $12.00 for shipping and handling.  $110 of the
total of $237 will be given at the signing of this contract as a non-refundable deposit which secures the maker’s time and materials.  The remaining $127.00 is due at costume
completion.  Sales tax is not applicable.

Due date:  Non-refundable deposit is due at the signing of this contract.  Garment is due to be completed by (Date).  All quotes as stated above expire (Date).

1.  Going Ape Costume (hereafter referred to as “maker”) hereby provides all necessary design sketches and construction descriptions.  The designs and descriptions are
property of the Maker.  Duplicating sketches or written description in any way is an infringement of copyright law.  Client will sign and date sketch and above description at the
bottom of this paragraph as approval of both.  At the time of signing the design is finalized.  If design changes are requested, additional charges will incur.  Maker reserves the
right to change some design details with notice to improve wear or usability of garment.


2.  Maker will provide photo and/or description of all fabrics and trims.  Physical examples may be requested.

Measurements will be necessary for garment described above.  The measurements provided by client will be used to size garment properly.  While care is taken to verify the
consistency of the measurements provided, Maker assumes no liability for inaccurate or incorrect measurements taken by the client resulting in ill fitting garments.  Alterations
required as a result of measurement errors will incur additional charges.

4.  Payment may be made by check (with additional time allowed for check to clear), money order, or by major credit card through  Paypal (www.paypal.com) to
becky@goingapecostume.com.  A non refundable deposit of the estimated cost of materials (stated above) is due at the time of signing this contract and allows work to begin.  The
costs of labor, additional supplies and materials, applicable taxes and shipping are due at garment completion.  Digital Photos (as many as is required) will be provided at the time
of completion.

5.  All garments are the property of Going Ape Costume until the Client’s account is paid in full.  Orders may be cancelled at any time.  Deposit is nonrefundable. Materials and
supplies purchased by Maker for commissioned garment are property of the Maker. Any unused fabric, trim, or supplies supplied by the Client will be returned at the Client’s
expense if the client so wishes.    Finished garments undeliverable after 30 days of the completion without prior arrangement become property of Going Ape Costume and may be
disposed of as Maker sees fit.                       

6.  While payment signifies acceptance of garment as completed, Maker is aware that certain aspects of fit, comfort and utility are sometimes not evident even with careful
measurements and construction after extended wearing.  Alterations at the Maker's discretion are provided at no extra charge, within a period of two weeks after delivery.  
Garment is guaranteed for normal wear and tear for a period of one year.  Alterations due to weight gain, loss, and repairs due to negligence or abuse, will incur additional
charges.  Under no circumstances will delivery be made without payment.

7.  This document constitutes a release and permission for Going Ape Costume and Maker to use unsolicited Client testimonials,  photographs of the garment or the Client wearing
commissioned garment for publicity and advertising purposes at no charge to Maker.

8.  Waiver of Liability: By signing this agreement, the Client, on behalf of his or heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, hereby releases and holds harmless Going
Ape Costume with respect to any and all direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary injury, loss or damage to person or property as a result of this contract.  
Further, the Client agrees to waive and release any and all claims, demands, causes of action, suits and rights, that the client, or anyone on their behalf may have against Going
Ape Costume in connection with this contract or the garment specified above.

Client Signature___________________________________________date__________

Maker Signature___________________________________________date__________