I promise to honor each entrant, from submission up to stage presentation. I promise to equally consider the work involved, the skills displayed, the artistic interpretation and the time given when judging each cosplay.

I promise to honor my role by judging to the best of my ability, based in my own knowledge, skills, talents, body of work, and continuing education, knowing that my reputation as a fair and honest judge impacts the competitive experience.

I promise to judge only the costumes and props presented to me. I will not make judgments based on body type, gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, or other factors beyond the entrant’s control.

I promise to approach an entrant in a professional way, recognizing that judging what a person is has made with their own hands and is wearing on their bodies is a vulnerable act. This includes being mindful of personal space, asking permission before touching a costume or props, and speaking in a kind and respectful manner.

I promise to judge based on the scope of the particular contest, within the rules and guidelines given to me by convention and contest organizers, which are communicated to each entrant.

I promise to recuse myself should there be a conflict of interest or other bias in my judgment.

I promise to continue behaving in a professional manner after the contest, in interacting with and giving feedback to entrants, convention staff and contest organizers, the judging panel, and those in the audience.

Should issues arise, I promise to conduct myself in any inquiry and resolution in a professional manner, including considering the concerns of the body of entrants, the judging panel, convention staff and contest organizers in an even-handed way.

Becky Lee Evans

Going Ape Costume