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Custom Costumes, Contract Sewing and Halloween
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You can start by visiting our commission page and emailing us!   Then we do a little talking back and forth, in order to reach a meeting
of the minds.  When an idea, construction details and a budget is verbally agreed upon, a custom contract can be drawn.  

The contract can be sent in PDF form by email, or by snail mail.  Included will be due dates, drawings, measurement sheets and other
information needed by GAC to construct a quality costume that fits.  It is when the contract is signed and returned that a
nonrefundable deposit is due, usually half the total estimate, which allows Going Ape Costume to procure materials and reserves our
time.  The remaining costs are due upon costume completion.

An example of a contract can be found

Going Ape Costume cannot, at this time, enter into custom sewing arrangements with clients outside of the US.

2.  What does a custom costume cost?

That depends on many factors.  Fabrics vary widely in cost and quality, as does trim.   Some fabrics require special handling and
treatment as they are utilized.   Some designs have many more construction details than others.  Sewing on 5000 loose beads takes
more time than sewing on pre-strung bead trim...right?  Size is also a factor.  Rushing an order incurs an additional fee.

After discussing each other's expectations for a custom costume, an estimate can be reached.  How confusing and disappointing it
would be to agree to make a Carmen Miranda when the customer is expecting 25 yards of materials with several pounds of crystals
and the costume maker can only provide a couple ruffles and some tinsel with the budget? Estimates are broken down into the costs
of materials and labor.  If the costume requires $20/yard fabric, the customer is made aware of the source of the fabric and how
much fabric is required.

3.  How long does making a costume take?

Like question #2, that depends on the same variety of factors.  A simple costume may only take an afternoon while a complex
costume, like a heavily beaded Queen Elizabeth, may take several months.  Expect delays for busy seasons.  The best time to order
custom costumes is in summer.

4.  Are there any costumes you can't make?

Sure.  Going Ape Costume does not have unnatural costume superpowers.  We have our strengths and our weaknesses, and some
laws that hinder us too.

GAC does not construct professional mascots.  It's recommended that you take your mascot order to companies that have invested
in the proper equipment and will construct a fabulous product.

make a lot of money doing so.  They find it rude when outside folks profit from their ideas.  Many costumers get around this by
sewing characters that are close, but not quite there, which is decidedly not as nifty as if it were copied exactly.  Some exceptions to
this are costumes based in Fandom, where the powers that be tolerate a copy here or there because they recognize it's for the
greater good of their industry.  When in doubt about the copyright, we just don't.

GAC cannot do custom latex work because of zoning laws and, well, we're allergic to liquid latex.

GAC cannot do some adult or fetish work because of business licensing laws.

GAC does not construct shoes.  We can modify existing shoes but we don't make 'em from scratch.

GAC cannot recreate film and movie costumes which are only possible because of CGI.  Yes, Katniss Everdeen is the girl on fire, but
trying to recreate realistic flames just like you see in the movie will probably not end well.

5.  I have a picture of what I want.  Can I send it to you?

Absolutely.  In fact, Going Ape Costume LOVES knowing what you want with a visual representation.  Costumes are a visual medium
and seeing is believing.  Send images to becky@goingapecostume.com.

Please refer back to question four on the subject of copyright.

6.  Have you got a warranty?

On Going Ape Costume's custom costumes?  Absolutely.  Depending on the fabrics,  construction and intended use our warranty is
stated in the custom sewing contract.  Generally, a custom costume is guaranteed for fit and normal wear for one year with
adherence to care instructions.

Going Ape Costume makes no guarantees on retail costumes.  Our return policy can be found

7.  Next week I've got to go to a ball/wedding/con/faire/halloween party.  Help!

Ack!  Going Ape Costume feels your pain.  We would hate to see you go as an unintended Adam or Eve, but a rush is a rush, and
getting a costume to you might be difficult.  Certainly GAC can ship out any costumes currently in stock, in house, and have it there
for you on time if you're willing to pay express shipping fees.  No guarantees for overnight shipping and same day is near impossible
because of our location. Any retail costume requiring drop shipping would be iffy, especially during the Halloween season.  
Constructing an award winning custom costume in a week would probably be right out.

8.  There aren't as many retail costumes on this site as I see on other sites.   
What gives?

Going Ape Costume is rather selective about which costumes it offers our customers.  We want you to be happy with the quality of
the costumes offered...and to be blunt...many commercially made costumes are not constructed with quality as a high priority.  GAC
does not want to sell you any costume that won't last past one wearing.

If there is a costume you do not see on this site, which you cannot live without, just ask.

9.   I like cheese.  Do you like cheese?

Going Ape Costume supports cheeses.  Except for some processed cheese food products that come in twenty lb. bricks.

10.  What is your return policy?

Going Ape Costume's return policy can be found HERE.

11.  Are any of the costumes in your gallery for sale?

No.  The gallery is a wonderful world of costume examples.  It is a visual resume' and is meant to brag about what we can do.  Many
of these costumes have gone on to live happy lives with new owners...on farms where they can run all day.

Some of the costumes can be copied exactly and some cannot.  This depends on the availability of fabrics and trims.

12.  Do you rent costumes?

At this time Going Ape Costume does not rent costumes.  However, it's being considered.

13.  Do you sell costume accessories, masks, wigs, halloween props or shoes?

Yes!  GAC does business with many costume suppliers and can order, depending on availability and season, many costume related
items.  If there are accessories you do not see on the site, feel free to ask HERE.  Let's get you what you require.